Richard Neal Artist Reception

Wellfleet Preservation Hall [Wellfleet]

Event info
Date:March 18, 2022
Time:10:00 am
Location:Wellfleet Preservation Hall
Address: 335 Main Street Wellfleet

“My great aunt, Addie was a teacher in New Jersey, who would summer at an unfinished cottage off Ocean View Drive in South Wellfleet. I’m pretty sure that her whole summer revolved around painting and studying art, since it was a passion for her, and her time for doing those things was limited during her school year. Our family was lucky for the fact that she would let us have the cottage for a week or two as she became older. One of my earliest memories is waking up to the sound of the ocean rhythmically hitting the beach. My wife and I eventually moved to Cape Cod and some of my very first art shows happened at various locations along this street. I well remember this building from decades ago with its nicely proportioned steeple and quirky, painted doors. When considering the possibility of exhibiting work at Preservation Hall, I realized that it could be a great opportunity to bring together some of the pieces that don’t always play nicely with others. Many of these have never been shown before, wrapped and unwrapped, shuffling around the studio floor, waiting, perhaps hoping for a moment to shine. A few people asked if these are sketches or places where I work ideas out, but I don’t think so. They feel to me like friends; colorful, cranky, overly exuberant at times, apprehensive. I very much enjoy the opportunity to exhibit in Wellfleet again and seeing them together here. I hope you enjoy looking at them.”

Richard Neal

March 2022

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