Virtual Massachusetts Small Business Day 2022

Virtual [Virtual]

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Date:April 12, 2022
Time:12:00 pm
Address: Virtual
Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce along with other business groups from across the state, ask that you hold Tuesday, April 12, 2022, from Noon until 1:30PM for a virtual Massachusetts Small Business Day!
Learn about pending legislation dealing with healthcare, taxes, labor mandates, UI, and energy.
This year’s program will focus on small business health insurance affordability and what can be done to lower costs for employers and their workers. As you are aware, health costs continue to rise in Massachusetts forcing many small businesses into high deductible, high-cost plans. We expect a robust discussion on this topic with policymaker guests to explore potential solutions and cost relief for employers.
In addition to healthcare affordability, we will present on other issues facing Massachusetts small businesses like unemployment insurance, labor mandates, taxation, and energy.
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