Woods Hole Film Festival Presents ‘The Automat’

Cotuit Center for the Arts [Cotuit]

Event info
Date:April 14, 2022
Time:7:00 pm
Location:Cotuit Center for the Arts
Address: 4404 Falmouth Rd. Cotuit

The Woods Hole Film Festival Presents ‘The Automat’, feature documentary by Lisa Hurwitz, 79 mins, 2021, USA.

Chock-full of archival footage of Philadelphia and New York City, this documentary is a light- hearted trip through the history of Horn & Hardart’s iconic and innovative eateries – Automats. Led by the irrepressible Mel Brooks, the film features an impressive roster of celebrities such as Colin Powell, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Carl Reiner, to name a few, who bring the nickel-driven restaurants to life through their nostalgic stories and memories of lemon meringue pie, among other great food. But, the Automats were about more than just food. For many in that day who were immigrants to these cities, they provided an important lifeline to food and culture.

Tickets are $14, $12 for members. Purchase tickets at the link above.

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